Evergreene Music


Evergreene Music is a unique 21st-century music company with a dynamic roster of established and emerging artists, and music that is distributed and sold across the world.

Committed to bringing a refreshing vision that creates and promotes iconic and timeless music, Evergreene Music transcends the conventional definitions of a “world music” label by uniting and blending the past with the future, the foreign with the familiar, and the traditional with the modern.

Having first encountered modal music while hitchhiking across the Sahara Desert as a teenager, Evergreene Music founder Jeff Greene has spent a subsequent lifetime chasing and nourishing his musical obsessions in far away places such as Burma, Yemen, Uzbekistan, and Siberia. Always seeking out opportunities to play with local musicians and to learn from them, Greene has also lovingly curated and collected hundreds of instruments from all around the world. “No matter what corner of the world I find myself in,” says Greene, “the qualities I respond to most in music are honesty and immediacy. With Evergreene Music I am always seeking to discover and cultivate music that is organic, vital, and accessible. Truly great music inspires our minds, nurtures our souls, and shakes us right down to our boots. .

Based in the immense and dazzlingly polyethnic New York City, Evergreene Music is particularly passionate about exploring the ways in which modern urban centers shape and transform the musical traditions of evolving cultures and those artists who have chosen to build new lives here.

“For me personally, one of the most inspiring things about living in a city as free, as energetic, and as international as New York City,” says Greene, “is the privilege of being able to witness, first-hand, the cross-pollination of cultures and the fresh and unexpected musical idioms these interactions give rise to.”

Since its inception in 2004, Evergreene Music has flourished and grown, while following the singular vision and philosophy of the company’s founder: that all music should be understood as world music, and that the best of it can come from anywhere––New York included.

The Evergreene Music team:

Jeff Greene, Founder and Presidentjgreene@evergreene.com
Cheryl McEnaney, Label Managercheryl@evergreenemusic.com
Mark Roberts, Operationsmark@evergreenemusic.com

Distribution and Retail Promotion:

North America physical and world-wide digital: Magenta Label Group (via eOne Distribution)
Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg physical: Xango Music


Mark Gorney, Worldisc, mark@worldisc.net