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The WSJ Praises TriBeCaStan’s SXSW Showcase

Category : TriBeCaStan · No Comments · by March 26, 2014

tribecastan russian house austin

This year’s SXSW was mired in tragedy and abject corporatism. But Evergreene’s own TriBeCaStan had one of the festival’s finest moments, according to The Wall Street Journal:

“For dedicated fans of rock and pop, SXSW ’14 was rescued by transcendent moments provided by musicians applying their talents … Saturday night, in a program at Russian House that included bands from Argentina, Canada, Israel and the Netherlands, TriBeCaStan, a group of downtown New York musicians, paid tribute to the late jazz trumpeter Don Cherry with a West African-influenced number that featured the hulusi, a Chinese flute. These performances relieved, at least temporarily, the unavoidable conclusion that most musicians might have invested their time more fruitfully in a place where music was the primary focus of attention.”


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