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Making new friends at Womex

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Jeff Greene and Mark Roberts

Evergreene Music is a New York record label that believes all music should be understood as world music. We’d love to meet you.

Evergreene Music  is a 21st-century music company with a dynamic roster of established and emerging artists, and music that is distributed and sold in 110 countries. Since its inception in 2004, Evergreene Music has flourished and grown, while staying true to its founding principles and philosophy: that all music should be understood as world music, and that the best of it can come from anywhere in the world—New York included.

Both, Evergreene’s founder, Jeff Greene, and label manager, Mark Roberts, will be at Womex this year, and in addition to exploring some exciting new opportunities for our label, we’d love to make new friends and get to know you. Just email us at info@evergreenemusic.com if you’re keen to meet up (there needn’t be an agenda other than saying “hi!”), and we’ll figure out a convenient time and place to meet!