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Brasslands is a kinetic, character-driven feature documentary about the power of music to inform our identities, unite communities, and reach across political borders. Traveling from New York City concert halls to a tiny town in the heart of Serbia, the film explores the musical and cross-cultural complexities of Balkan brass music. Brasslands features a diverse ensemble cast of virtuosic Roma (“Gypsy”) street musicians, Serbian trumpet masters, and devoted American enthusiasts whose lives and dreams collide during Europe’s wildest party — the Guča trumpet festival. Collaboratively made by the Meerkat Media Collective.

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“Downtown-loft improv with the odd trace of Appalachian blues? Yep. Cinematic fusion jazz filtered through North African and Middle Eastern lenses? Ditto. Multiculti urban folk music steeped in Balkan, Cajun, Klezmer, Gypsy and classical Indian flavors? Absolutely. It’s all built around one deceptively simple construct: just play music that you haven’t heard yet!” – TimeOut New York

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Quraishi‘s music has been played all over the world, including a recent feature in the award-winning DreamWorks/Paramount Vantage movie adaptation of Khaled Hosseini’s novel The Kite Runner, which was nominated for two Golden Globe Awards (Best Foreign Language Film, Best Original Score) and an Academy Award (Best Original Score).

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Balkan Arts Series

The Balkan Arts Series is a 13-part series featuring some of the most exciting field recordings of traditional folk music yet to emerge from Bulgaria, East Serbia, Greek Macedonia and Thrace, and Romania. Recorded in the 1960′s and 70′s and never before available to the general public, these remarkable recordings document and celebrate a culture and a way of village life that has since been lost forever—transformed by the social and economic pressures of industrial technology, Soviet influence, and Western globalization.

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